Cette année encore, les élèves du lycée ont pu assister le 09 et le 10 novembre à deux concerts exceptionnels dans le cadre du festival "Blues-sur-Seine" de Mantes-la-Jolie.
Cedric Burnside puis John Primer ont à cette occasion fait découvrir la diversité de la musique blues à nos élèves, qui ont ensuite rédigé des articles en anglais avec Mme Archimbeau.

Voici celui de Nourdine et Farzan (1BPCEPC) :

Blues in Ile-de-France

The festival Blues sur seine celebrated the hundredth birthday of an American music icon ’’ Muddy Waters ’’. A Amercican musician came into Lycée Lavoisier in Porcheville for this event, on November 10th. His name is John Primer. He came from Mississpi, America. In his early childhood he was very poor. He used to listen to the music of Muddy Waters. In his interview he said that ’’ he was like a father for him’’. When he was 18 years old he went to Chicago:he joined the the group of Muddy Waters in 1980 and he was very happy at that time. He said that when he was going on stage for the first time he was very nervous but he suddenly realised that people don’t know him and he doesn’t know them so he takes a big breath and suddenly he is playing with the band. He liked Muddy Waters but after Muddy Water,Sammy Lawhorn was his idol. But now he likes himself.

Madame Lafleur painting the picture

The drums

John Primer

Muddy Waters

With Madame Lafleur we made a picture for the concert. When I heard about blues, I was thinking that it is going to be very boring. But in fact I was wrong. I like music specially the lyrics. I like the voice of artist but his lyrics make me calm and his words were very strong.

Nourdine et Farzan